September 23, 2023

Benefits of Choosing Serviced Apartment Rather Than Staying in a Hotel

Serviced Apartment In Singapore
People that visit Singapore frequently with a schedule, especially business travelers will most likely not choose to stay in a hotel due to the high room rates.

Although there are many 3 rooms flats for sale, buying an apartment or a condominium might not necessarily be a good investment for them. Furthermore, property prices have been rising constantly over the years.

Hence, serviced apartment will serve the purpose for this group of people who visit Singapore frequently, with more affordable rates than staying in a hotel. This article will guide you through the reasons for choosing a service apartment.

1. Value for money

First of all, many people have a misconception that serviced apartments are unaffordable. However, the rate for serviced apartment is charged per apartment unit as opposed to per person rate that is charged by hotel.

This is definitely an economical choice and more reasonable deal, especially when it is for longer stay.

In addition, you get to choose the period of your stay. You can opt for a shorter time period for one day or a longer time period for months or even a year. The decision is solely up to you.

2. More space

Next, it is also known that serviced apartment offers at least 30% more space than what a hotel room provides. You get access to a fully functional apartment that includes a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, well-defined living areas, a fully equipped kitchen and balconies.

Most importantly, privacy is assured as well.

With larger space provided, it also gives business travellers space for meetings as well. Business travellers will no longer need to schedule a time for a hotel meeting room that comes with expensive day rates.

The separate dining room can now double up as a meeting hall or late night workspace.

3. At your leisure

If you are travelling with children, everything can be done at your leisure as well as the self-catering facilities offered is almost available 24/7, as opposed to the restricted timing that most hotels offer.

That being said, you can have your dinner as early as 4pm or as later as 9pm without worrying that the restaurant will be closed. You can also stock up your children’s favorite snacks to keep them happy and satisfied.

4. Your own kitchen

Your own kitchen Serviced Apartment

This is especially beneficial who stay for a longer period. The fully equipped kitchen with cooker, refrigerator, dishwasher and dryer is absolutely a bonus.

Travellers can choose to stay in, cook a homey dish and be entertained at home. As most serviced apartments are fully furnished, you can just let the dishwasher and dryer do their jobs.

You do not have to worry about piling dirty plates and bowls. All you need to do is to sit back and relax. The dishwasher and dryer will do their jobs after you finish cooking and eating. This will also allow you to save on dining out and room service.

This is one of the most important elements for busy business travellers. Imagine after working for a long day, all you want to do is get back home as soon as possible, take a shower, have a hearty home cooked meal and relax. This is something that a hotel room cannot provide you with.

5. Convenience and comfort

Home Decor Arrangement Ideas with Serviced Apartment In Singapore

The biggest upside of renting a serviced apartment is the convenience that it brings to you. Most serviced apartments are fully furnished. Therefore, you are able to move in almost immediately without having to move in your bulky furniture and belongings.

In addition, weekly housekeeping is provided as well. You do not need to clean the serviced apartment on your own. Moreover, onsite parking is provided as well. This is extremely useful for business travellers who drive and need a car park.

Other than that, serviced apartment offers great comfort to travellers as well. The comfort that a serviced apartment offers is definitely comparable to what a hotel room can provide, if not, more than that.

As most serviced apartments come fully furnished, it offers a welcoming and warm atmosphere to the travellers. This is something that most hotel rooms lack.

The ability to eat whatever you want and whenever you want might be a luxury to certain business travellers who do not have the luxury of time. The well-equipped kitchen also offers you the flexibility that a hotel room cannot provide.

In conclusion, the steady growth of serviced apartments has slowly become the alternative accommodation solution for travellers, especially business travellers.

Serviced apartments will continue to bloom and be a fundamental accommodation solution to travellers as travellers nowadays seek for more space and a homey environment.

Furthermore, serviced apartments offer great value for money with rates that are 25% lesser than a comparable hotel room. Not forgetting that WiFi is provided as well.

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