June 22, 2021

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

Why you would love to be a part of this Maxis Om Nom Nom Race?

Why me…?? Why us [me & team members]

I would like to take some challenge like Amazing Race or maybe like Fear Factor, eat this, eat that after that – Become more fat and fated.

Who’s know kan.

My team Members
– Bro Framestone [me]

Team Name :- KakiMakan

T-shirt size : M

For me, Jalan-jalan Cari Makan it’s not to bad ideas.

Lately, i’m training myself jogging everyday & eat more to ensure my stamina & energy enough to take or facing any challenge.

Please don’t waste my willingness by put me down and not included me & my team out  the list of participant of  this challenger. Pick us so we will pick you to the end.

Bicara Bro : This Challenge bring out by Nuffnang and involve the iPhone 4, the Finder301 application and Wireless Broadband, all available through Maxis.


Maxis Om Nom Nom Race
The 60 Nuffnangers with the most creative entries will be selected to take part in the race. Deadline for submissions is 5 pm, 12 January 2011 (Wednesday).

Hope #Kakimakan will be selelcted

Each of the 15 teams will be equipped with an iPhone 4 (with finder301 and GPS applications installed), a laptop and Maxis wireless broadband modem to assist in their tasks.

There is a requirement of 1 car per team for travelling purposes to each location, The chosen team member to drive must provide a valid driving license. [don’t worry, we have our own driver + car]

At the starting point and each location, each team will receive an envelope of clues and instructions on how to find their next location. The iPhone 4 GPS and Finder301 applications will be instrumental to finding these locations. Riddles will also have to be solved.

Here I share some screen shot for Finder301 from maxis. Credit for mohdzaid.com

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18 thoughts on “One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

    1. i already put it.. if u can ubah dalam masa terdekat..please do so… sebab next week baru close…

      hope lepas la kan..

      bro dah DM contoh entry terbaik.. mybe bro akan karang tag team kite…

      nnt kite upload ek

    1. die akan pilih 60orang peserta… nnt akan di beri dalam kumpulan… satu team 4 orang

      cam explore race gak…

      cuma pergi jenjalan n makan je..

      setiap group akan di bekalkan dengan iPhone + finder ala2 GPS + laptop + broadband

      kena selesaikan semua clue dalam masa terdekat

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