January 16, 2021

Ferrari controlled Sunday’s German Grand Prix

Ferrari controlled Sunday’s German Grand Prix from start to finish after polesitter Sebastian Vettel dropped to third at the first turn.

Felipe Massa was ahead of Fernando Alonso for the first 48 laps before moving aside for his team mate.

Vettel came home third for Red Bull, followed by the McLarens of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. Mark Webber was fifth after engine problems on his RB6.

From Bro Framestone perspective,

Feel very frustrated due of Red Bull Racing’s weakness.

It’s already 2nd years bro with RBR & 3rd years with Sebastian Vettel. They didn’t use advantage from pool position through this season.

Hope next race RBR can show their highly performance.

This time is nothing for our Malaysia team, Lotus F1. Better put Fairuz fauzi to claim experience from race and not just from practice session.

Tony please polish our next Malaysia F1 Driver. If not, better focus on other driver development and not waste your time for nothing

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6 thoughts on “Ferrari controlled Sunday’s German Grand Prix

    1. bro tulis pun sebab terasa sikit la coz team n strategy yang cam hape je…

      kira nyatakan rasa kefrustation yang sedang bro hadapi….

      klu ikutkan bro xminat update pasal f1 coz tahu xramai orang minat bacenye kat blog bro

  1. What a GREAT MONTH for Spain. The FIFA World Cup. Nadal won the Wimbledon. Contandor @ Le Tour de France. Now, Alonso @ German GP. Better luck next time Red Bull. P/S: Still hoping to see Schumi @ the podium this season.

    1. not sure there are luck for Red Bull… they didn’t us the opportunity to lead the race like early of this year…


      Not sure, but in press conference he said, he just focus to collect as many point. He had contract with Mercedes for 3years..

      But no wonder,

      The team are from germany n both drivers also from germany… hope next time Malaysia have their own driver & team

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